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    Eukaryotic Transcriptome Sequencing Service

      Transcriptome sequencing involves sequencing the complete mRNA within cells during specific developmental stages or physiological conditions. This technique aids in studying gene expression levels and gene structure at a comprehensive level, elucidating molecular mechanisms in specific biological processes. It is widely applied in basic research, clinical diagnosis, drug development, and molecular breeding. Eukaryotic reference transcriptome sequencing refers to sequencing the transcriptome of eukaryotes or their tissues and cells using an existing reference genome. By aligning the sequences with the reference genome, the sequencing saturation and gene coverage can be verified, and information on gene structure, gene expression differences, and alternative splicing can be obtained.


      MtoZ Biolabs conducts transcriptome sequencing using the high-throughput Illumina sequencing platform, capable of detecting the overall transcription level of any species at the single nucleotide level. In addition to analyzing the structure and expression levels of transcripts, this service can identify unknown and rare transcripts, accurately pinpoint alternative splicing sites, and detect coding single nucleotide polymorphisms (cSNPs), thereby providing the most comprehensive transcriptome information.


      Analysis Workflow



      Eukaryotic ReferenceTranscriptome Sequencing Workflow


      Service Advantages

      1. Experienced technicians provide a full range of professional services, from experimental design and sample testing to data analysis.

      2. Clear and efficient processes reduce unnecessary sample and time waste, ensuring short delivery times.

      3. MtoZ Biolabs has an independent bioinformatics analysis platform that offers not only routine analysis but also advanced custom analysis.

      4. MtoZ Biolabs' multi-omics analysis platform, including proteomics and metabolomics, enables integrated multi-omics analysis, enhancing the quality of publications.


      Sample Submission Requirements

      1. Cells (≥5×106), Fresh Plant Tissue (≥500 mg), Animal Tissue (≥300 mg), Blood (≥2 ml), FFPE Samples (≥10 Unstained HE Sections)

      2. RNA Samples (Nucleic Acid Quality ≥3 μg, 260/280 ≥2.0, RIN Value ≥7, 28S/18S ≥1.0, Concentration ≥50 ng/μl, Volume ≥10 μl)


      Case Study


      1791354152737148928-1eukaryotic-transcriptome-sequencing.pngMtoZ Biolabs Transcriptome Sequencing Case Study

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