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    Protein Sequence Analysis Service

    • • Protein Sequencing Service by Mass Spectrometry

      Mass spectrometry-based sequence analysis of proteins, antibodies, peptides, and other samples involves the analysis of the sample's amino acid sequence. Mass spectrometry sequencing refers to the determination of the primary structure of amino acid sequences based on mass spectrometry. Before moving on to mass spectrometry sequence analysis, we provide a brief introduction to a few definitions.

    • • Protein Sequencing Service by Edman Degradation

      MtoZ Biolabs provide automatic and accurate N-terminal Edman sequencing service, based on HPLC and SHIMADZU PPSQ-33A Analyzer.

    • • PCR Based Antibody Sequencing Service

      MtoZ Biolabs provides accurate and cost effective antibody gene sequencing services, based on degenerate primer design and PCR amplification technology.

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