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    Targeted Drug Delivery Service | Precise and Efficacious

      • • Exosome Studies Service

        All cells release extracellular vesicles (EVs) as crucial part of their normal physiological activities. There are mainly two types of EVs: ectosomes and exosomes. Ectosomes, including microvesicles, microparticles, and large vesicles in the size range of of 50 nm to 1 μm in diameter, pinch off the surface of the plasma membrane via outward budding. Exosomes, with diameters ranging from 40 nm to 160 nm (average around 100 nm), derive from endosomes. Plasma membranes invaginate to form multivesicular bodies,

      • • Bacterial Contraction Injection System Service

        One of the main obstacles in drug development is how to deliver drugs effectively to target cells. In general, macromolecules such as proteins and mRNA cannot penetrate the cell membrane because the cell membrane has acquired protective mechanisms through evolution. However, viruses can deliver their genetic material into cells. Therefore, viruses and virus-like particles are widely used to deliver DNA, mRNA, and proteins for therapeutic purposes.

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