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      MtoZ Biolabs has collected the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to ordering and technical questions. If your inquiry is not addressed here, please send email to us directly.

      How to Buy

      Q: How do I place an order?

      A: You can send an inquiry to us, and tell us your research needs and the specific service you want to order. Our technical staffs will design custom experimental services for you according to your project requirements and send the quotation information to you.

      Q: How can I pay?

      A: We accept payments by Wire Transfer or Credit Card (VISA and Master Card).


      Q: What is proteomics?

      A: Proteomics is a large-scale study of proteins, in which nearly all proteins in a specific sample are identified and quantitated.

      Q: What kind of proteomics services do you provide?

      A: We can provide five mainstream proteomics services, including Label-free, iTRAQ/TMT, SILAC, MRM, and SWATH. Other than these services, we can also provide custom proteomics services based on your specific requirements.

      Q: Which proteomics service should I choose for my experiment?

      A: Each proteomics service has specific application, depending on the sample types and project requirements. You can tell us your research needs, and our technical experts will recommend the most suitable and cost-effective service for you.

      Q: How much protein is required for proteomics analysis?

      A: A few micrograms of peptide digest is typically loaded for an assay. To account for sample losses and to permit re-analysis if necessary, we request about a total of 100 ug proteins per assay. Good results can also be obtained from trace sample amounts, if the purity of your sample is high enough.

      Q: Can you deplete abundant proteins from fluid samples?

      A: Yes, we offer albumin, immunoglobulin and multi-protein depletions from fluids such as plasma, urine and saliva.


      Q: What is metabolomics?

      A: Metabolomics is a large-scale study of all the metabolites in a certain organism to reveal the biological status and the metabolic mechanisms behind.

      Q: What kind of metabolomics service do you provide?

      A: We can provide both targeted metabolomics and untargeted metabolomics services depending on your specific research requirements. We have established state-of-the-art metabolomics analytical platform, and ensure high-quality and accurate analytical results.

      Q: What types of samples do you accept for metabolomics service?

      A: We can accept multiple types of samples for metabolomics services, including cells, animal and plant tissues, microbes, and body fluids samples, etc. Please contact us for more detailed information on the sample requirements.

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