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    Multi-Omics Services

      • • Bioinformatics

        Researchers in proteomics and metabolomics have made tremendous progress, providing thorough and comprehensive views of the biological states of a certain organism. However, the large number of experimental data generated by proteomic and metabolomic analyses have posed great analytical challenges for downstream interpretation. To better facilitate your proteomics and metabolomics research, MtoZ Biolabs offers a wide range of statistical and bioinformatics analyses targeted for proteomics and metabolomics,

      • • Multi-Omics Analysis Service

        With the widespread application of high-throughput technologies, researchers can obtain omics data on a large scale from various molecular levels, including the genome, transcriptome, proteome, interactome, epigenome, metabolome, lipidome, and microbiome. Multiomics integrated data analysis has revolutionized biology, enhancing our understanding of biological processes and molecular mechanisms.

      • • Metabolomics Analysis Service

        Metabolomics is the large-scale study of small molecules, known as metabolites, within cells, biofluids, tissues, or organisms. These metabolites and their interactions within a biological system are collectively referred to as the metabolome. Moreover, Metabolomics technology is an emerging technology that enables comprehensive analysis of metabolites in biological samples.

      • • Proteomics Analysis Service

        The term "proteomics" is the combination of "protein" and "genomics", referring to the full set of proteins expressed by a genome, which consists of all the proteins expressed by a cell or an organism. In 1995 (though there are mentions of 1994 and 1996), Marc Wilkins first proposed the concept of proteome, and in 1997, Peter James (who worked at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, known as the European MIT) further introduced the concept of proteomics. The concepts of genomics and proteomics h......

      • • Lipidomics Analysis Service

        MtoZ Biolabs provides both LC-MS and shotgun lipidomics services to meet your specific needs.

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