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    Protein Analysis Service

    • • Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis Service

      Protein-protein interaction (PPI) refers to the process where two or more protein molecules bind to form a protein complex. Proteins typically do not function in isolation but rather collaborate with multiple protein molecules to achieve complex cellular functions. Therefore, focusing on the study of protein interactions is advantageous for exploring the occurrence and development of diseases, identifying specific disease prediction and treatment methods, and providing new insights into drug development.

    • • Protein Purity and Homogeneity Characterization Service

      Protein purity and uniformity are crucial for protein crystallization as well as structural and functional studies. Impure samples can lead to inaccurate results in experiments. Additionally, protein purity and uniformity are two very important characteristics for further protein research and biopharmaceutical applications. The purity of protein samples limits the application of protein products.

    • • Protein Sequence Analysis Service

      MtoZ Biolabs provides comprehensive protein sequencing services to meet various needs of our clients.

    • • Protein Identification Service

      MtoZ Biolabs utilizes 2D-nano LC-MS/MS technology for protein identification.

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