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    Integrative Transcriptomics-Lipidomics Analysis Service

      The transcriptome represents the complete set of mRNA in a cell under specific developmental stages or physiological conditions. Transcriptomics investigates gene transcription and regulatory mechanisms at a cellular level. Similarly, the lipidome encompasses all lipids within a cell under particular developmental stages or physiological states. Lipidomics, a crucial branch of metabolomics, focuses on the comprehensive analysis and identification of lipids and their interacting molecules in organisms, tissues, or cells. By integrating transcriptomics and lipidomics data, researchers can gain a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the functions and regulatory mechanisms of biological lipid molecules, identify key lipid metabolic pathways and related genes, as well as lipid metabolites for further detailed studies.


      MtoZ Biolabs offers transcriptome sequencing services using the Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform, capable of detecting the transcription levels of any species at the single nucleotide level. Combined with lipidomics analysis services utilizing advanced tandem mass spectrometry and sophisticated analytical software, we provide customizable and precise analytical solutions. MtoZ Biolabs delivers comprehensive integrative analysis services for transcriptomics and lipidomics, covering experimental design, sample detection, and data analysis to meet diverse research needs.



      1. Agriculture and Forestry

      Studies on growth, development, stress resistance, breeding, and species conservation.


      2. Livestock

      Research on growth, development, disease mechanisms, and quality analysis of meat and dairy products.


      3. Marine and Aquatic Sciences

      Exploration of growth mechanisms, resource management, environmental impacts, and seafood safety.


      4. Microbiology

      Investigation of pathogenicity, resistance mechanisms, and pathogen-host interactions.


      5. Biomedical Fields

      Identification of biomarkers, elucidation of disease mechanisms, disease classification, drug development, and personalized treatment strategies.


      6. Environmental Sciences

      Enhancements in fermentation processes, biofuel production, and environmental risk assessments.


      7. Food Sciences

      Optimization of storage and processing conditions, quality and component analysis, functional food development, and safety evaluations.



      In the technical report, MtoZ Biolabs will provide you with detailed technical information, including:

      1. Experimental Procedures

      2. Relevant Experimental Parameters

      3. Mass Spectrometry Images

      4. Raw Data

      5. Transcriptomics and Lipidomics Analysis Results

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