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    Integrative Proteomics-Metabolomics Analysis Service

      The proteome encompasses all proteins expressed by a cell or organism, while the metabolome comprises all metabolites present within a cell or organism. The formation and metabolism of these metabolites result from complex regulatory processes, with proteome-induced functional changes significantly impacting metabolic levels. Integrative analysis of proteomics and metabolomics allows for reciprocal validation and supplementation, offering a more thorough investigation of biomolecular functions and regulatory mechanisms. This approach aids in grasping the overarching trends and directions of biological changes.


      MtoZ Biolabs utilizes Thermo Fisher's Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometry platform coupled with nanoLC for detailed and precise analysis. This setup enables both qualitative and quantitative proteomic analyses alongside targeted and non-targeted metabolomic assessments. By incorporating customizable bioinformatics strategies, MtoZ Biolabs provides comprehensive services that span from experimental design and sample processing to data analysis, catering to a wide array of research needs.



      1. Agriculture and Forestry

      Studies on growth, development, stress resistance, breeding, and species conservation.


      2. Livestock

      Research on growth, development, disease mechanisms, and quality analysis of meat and dairy products.


      3. Marine and Aquatic Sciences

      Exploration of growth mechanisms, resource management, environmental impacts, and seafood safety.


      4. Microbiology

      Investigation of pathogenicity, resistance mechanisms, and pathogen-host interactions.


      5. Biomedical Fields

      Identification of biomarkers, elucidation of disease mechanisms, disease classification, drug development, and personalized treatment strategies.


      6. Environmental Sciences

      Enhancements in fermentation processes, biofuel production, and environmental risk assessments.


      7. Food Sciences

      Optimization of storage and processing conditions, quality and component analysis, functional food development, and safety evaluations.

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