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      • • Peptide Synthesis

        MtoZ Biolabs operates a leading-edge platform for peptide synthesis, equipped with several automated multi-channel peptide synthesizers, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems, and mass spectrometers. This setup ensures the delivery of high-quality peptide products with rapid turnaround and competitive pricing.

      • • Ionomics Analysis Service

        The ionome refers to the complete set of ions in an organism, including all metals, metalloids, and non-metals. High-throughput elemental analysis techniques now enable the simultaneous quantification of multiple elements.

      • • Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) Analysis Service

        Structure-activity relationship (SAR) technology plays an increasingly important role in dealing with large and ever-expanding data sources. SAR techniques are widely used, including: the computational simulation design of virtual chemical libraries to explore molecular diversity for subsequent synthesis and screening; screening proprietary, commercial, and public databases to discover lead compounds.

      • • Metabolic Flux Analysis Service

        Metabolic flux analysis (MFA) is a critical technique for examining the production and consumption rates of metabolites in biological systems. In systems metabolic engineering, MFA helps understand cell physiology under specific conditions and predict metabolic capacities of cells following genetic or environmental changes. MFA is also used to elucidate cellular mechanisms. By using stable isotope labeling (such as 2H, 13C, and 15N), MFA can track isotopic labels along metabolic pathways, thereby identifyin

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