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    Active Ingredients Identification and Screening Service

      • • Immunotherapy Target Discovery Service

        Tumor immunotherapy utilizes active or passive methods to provoke tumor-specific immune responses in the body, harnessing their inhibitory and cytotoxic functions against tumor cells. Characterized by its specificity, efficacy, and mitigation of collateral damage, immunotherapy distinguishes itself from conventional methods such as surgery, targeted therapy, and chemotherapy.

      • • Active Substances Screening Service

        Drug screening refers to the evaluated process of substances (samples) potentially used as drugs, assessing their biological activity, pharmacological effects, and therapeutic value through appropriate methods. This process encompasses biochemical and cellular levels of screening, divided into high-throughput screening (HTS) and virtual screening.

      • • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) Identification Service

        Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are substances or mixtures employed in the production of drugs. They have pharmacological effects or directly contribute to diagnosing, treating, mitigating symptoms, controlling, or preventing diseases, in addition to influencing the structure or function of the body.

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