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    Targeted Lipidomics Analysis Service

      Lipids, small molecules that are either hydrophobic or amphipathic, include fats, waxes, sterols, and fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, E, and K), monoacylglycerides, diacylglycerides, and phospholipids. In biological physiology, lipids play crucial roles not only in  energy storage and structural components of cellular membranes but also in facilitating signal transduction, membrane transporting, and morphogenesis.


      Equipped with advanced tandem mass spectrometry techniques, MtoZ Biolabs provides comprehensive targeted lipidomics analysis services backed by an advanced bioinformatics platform and a team of experienced analysts and technicians. Free project evaluation!


      MtoZ Biolabs employs robust, reproducible, and sensitive systems for the separation, characterization, identification, and quantification of lipids, ensuring reliable, rapid, and cost-efficient analyses.


      Services at MtoZ Biolabs

      1. Fatty Acid Analysis Services

      (1) ω-3 fatty acids

      (2) ω-6 fatty acids

      (3) Free fatty acids

      (4) Esterified fatty acids

      (5) Total fatty acids

      (6) Trans fatty acids

      (7) Short-chain fatty acids

      (8) Medium-chain and long-chain fatty acids

      (9) Very long-chain fatty acids

      (10) Straight-chain and branched-chain fatty acids; Saturated fatty acids


      2. Fatty Acid Derivatives Analysis Services

      (1) Prostaglandins

      (2) Leukotrienes

      (3) Eicosanoids and their metabolites (urine)

      (4) CYP450 enzyme metabolites

      (5) Hydroxy-eicosatetraenoic acids

      (6) Lipoxygenase products

      (7) Endocannabinoids

      (8) Mycolic acids


      3. Fatty Acid Metabolism Analysis Services

      (1) Fatty acid metabolism

      (2) Acyl-coAs


      4. Glycerolipid Analysis Services

      (1) Glycerolipids

      (2) Diacylglycerols

      (3) Triglycerides


      5. Glycerophospholipid Analysis Services

      (1) Glycerophospholipids

      (2) Cardiolipins


      6. Sphingolipid Analysis Services

      (1) Ceramides; Sphingomyelins

      (2) Sphingosine bases

      (3) Gangliosides

      (4) Sphingolipid metabolism

      (5) Phosphate 1 phosphate

      (6) Hexosylceramides


      7. Isoprenoid Analysis Services



      8. Sterol Analysis Services

      (1) Total cholesterol; Free cholesterol

      (2) Cholesterol esters

      (3) Oxysterols; Steroids


      9. Additional Analysis Services

      (1) Lipid classes; Phospholipids

      (2) Wax esters

      (3) Olive oil phenols

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