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    Label-Free Quantitative Proteomics Service, MS Based

      Label-free analysis is a powerful technique for identifying and quantifying relative changes in complex protein samples. In this method, samples are run individually and identified by MS/MS information. Relative quantitation of different samples is then analyzed by aligning chromatographic peak areas of precursor ions between various runs. The most distinctive advantage is that it quantifies proteins without any use of labels, and can analyze unlimited number of samples. Since Label-free is relatively simple and easy compared to other proteomics techniques, it has been widely used for proteomics study and biomarker discovery. MtoZ Biolabs is proud to offer Label-free quantitative proteomics service with faster simpler results. We can also perform MS3 analysis to ensure higher analytical accuracy of qualification and quantitation.


      Analysis Workflow




      Service Advantages

      1. Isotopic Labels are Not Required

      2. Simpler Experimental Procedures and Data Analysis

      3. Samples are Run Individually, and Numbers of Samples are Unlimited

      4. Suitable for Analyzing Various Types of Samples, Including Tissue, Cell, Blood, etc.


      Sample Submission Requirements


      image-LabelFree-Sample Require2.png


      *Note: For Co-IP protein samples, only 2-5 ug is required. During sample elution, detergents (such as SDS) and high oxygen concentration should be avoided. Alternatively, you can send the sample beads to us directly.


      Bioinformatics Analysis

      1. Label-Free MS Data Quality Assessment

      2. Multivariate PCA Analysis

      3. Protein Statistical Analysis: Venn Diagram, Volcano Plot

      4. Functional Annotation: GO Annotation, KEGG Annotation, COG Annotation

      5. Clustering Analysis: Hierarchical Clustering, K-Means Clustering

      6. Network Analysis: STRING Analysis



      1. Experiment Procedures

      2. Parameters of Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometer

      3. MS Raw Data Files

      4. Peptide Identifications and Intensities

      5. Protein Identifications and Intensities

      6. Bioinformatics Analysis


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